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We are in the REAL Cyberwar.

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>> North Korea has hacked the Sony Pictures. This is evidence.

>> South Korea identified who's behind the cyber attack
They have been conducting a campaign of cyber attacks targeting South Korea for the past 6 years aiming to steal the nation(military)'s secret information.

>> We opened Pandora's box
Let's check it out! Click Click Click

>> APT Research for South Korea (Targeted Attack on South Korean)
APT Relationship Diagram

>> Speaking at BlackHat abu dhabi 2011
IssueMakersLab speaking at the BlackHat abu dhabi 2011 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

>> Speaking at DEFCON 18
One member of the IssueMakersLab with other real geek reverser will be speaking at the DEFCON 18 in Las Vegas, USA.

>> We've got the first place in the HDCON(Hacking Defense Contest) that organized by KISA, Korea, June 2010.

>> Speaking at POC 2009!
IssueMakersLab will be speaking at the POC 2009 international security & hacking conference in Seoul, Korea on November 5th-6th.
The title of our talk is "7.7 DDoS: Unknown Secrets and Botnet Counter-Attack"

>> Speaking at ISEC 2009!
IssueMakersLab will be speaking at the ISEC 2009 information security conference in COEX, Seoul, Korea on September 9th.
The title of our talk is "7.7 DDoS: I Know What You Did Last Summer"

Finally, we found here!! What happened here?
===> say kaientt (a.k.a hand-rays): "if you wonder, come to ISEC 2009"

>> CodeEngn 2009!
The title of our talk is "File Infector Virus Analysis (from the point of view of an anti-virus developer)"

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